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No matter how large or small your family is, keeping the kitchen clean shouldn’t be a chore. Get a dishwasher that can handle a lot of dishes at once so you can save time and effort. Because we are the appliance experts that we are, we know exactly what features a dishwasher for a large household needs. We’ve produced a list of the best dishwashers currently available, with an emphasis on those that can accommodate large families.

what is the best dishwasher for larger families? The cutlery and plates may pile up fast when you have a large household. Having a reliable dishwasher is crucial for cutting down on kitchen prep time and cleaning up after meals. However, with so many options, finding the best dishwasher for a large family may be challenging. We’ll go through the fundamentals of what to look for in a large-family dishwasher and then recommend a couple of the finest options on the market today. Check out our guide if you’re curious about which dishwasher is best for large families. If you want additional information, click here.

Features to Look For, what is the best dishwasher for larger families?

These dishwashing options are worth looking at if you have a large family:

Dishwasher capacity is very important for large families. Find examples from the top tier. Dishwashers that can accommodate more than 12 to 14 place settings are available. Dishwashers with movable tines and racks allow for increased capacity.

Efficacy in Cleaning – Effective dishwashing is a must for big households. Try to choose a dishwasher that has many wash options. Extremely unclean items or late-night operation may benefit from the use of heavy-duty or extra-quiet cycles. Modern dishwashers have sophisticated features like dirt sensors and spray arms that can get into tight spaces.

Adjustable racks in a dishwasher let you clean anything from stock pots to extra-tall glasses.

Putting in a third rack provides more storage for dirty pots, pans, and utensils.

Dishwashers with greater space for loads are more convenient since they lessen the number of times you have to wash dishes by hand.

Clean up your act; your family’s well-being depends on it. Using a sanitizing cycle guarantees that your dishes will be clean and free of bacteria.

If you have a sizeable family, you undoubtedly spend a lot of time driving children to and from various after-school activities; here is where Wi-Fi connectivity comes in handy. The ability to monitor the status of your dishwashers from your phone may substantially reduce your workload.

A hard food disposer is a great purchase if your kids aren’t great at clearing their plates completely after meals.

Quiet Operation – Having some peace and quiet after the kids have gone to bed may be really beneficial. If you run the dishwasher at night and don’t want to disturb the kids, go for a quiet model.

Our Top Picks

Selecting a Family Dishwasher

What is the best dishwasher for larger families, Please take our advice into account.

1. Bosch SHPM88Z75N 24″ 800 Series Built-in Dishwasher with 16 Place Settings, 6 Wash Cycles

The Bosch SHPM88Z75N 800 Series Built-in Dishwasher provides a wide variety of innovative features in addition to dependable operation. It has a capacious setting capacity of sixteen places, which enables it to handle huge loads. As a result, it is perfect for families as well as individuals who often entertain visitors. Additional room for utensils and other small goods is made available by the MyWay 3rd Rack, which expands the range of loading possibilities available.

This dishwasher’s CrystalDry technology is one of its most notable features since it is able to properly dry dishes by using both heat and a built-in fan. This is a very useful feature. This assists in removing moisture and ensures that the dishes are left in pristine condition. The noise level of 40 dBA assures a quiet operation, making it suitable for open-concept kitchens or homes that place a high importance on maintaining a tranquil atmosphere.

In general, the Bosch SHPM88Z75N provides exceptional cleaning performance, considerate design features, and effective drying capabilities. However, it is important to be aware that, in comparison to other manufacturers on the market, Bosch home appliances often have a more expensive price point.

Product information

  • Brand    BOSCH
  • Installation Type    Built-In
  • Product Dimensions    23.75″D x 23.56″W x 33.88″H
  • Special Feature    Sound Reduction System, Delay Start
  • Controls Type    Push Button
  • Material    Stainless Steel, Nylon
  • Noise    40 dB
  • Finish Type    Stainless steel
  • Form Factor    Built-In
  • Item Weight    101 Pounds
  • ASIN    B07WF9XLTK

Automatic 53-60°C Soft, Economy Heavy Rinse Speed 60 1Heavy 2Automatic 3Fragile 4Economy Set the settings to 5Speed 60 and 6Rinse. Time of show1 (in minutes)110-135 105-129 min. 75–85 min. Time range: 135 minutes. Minimal time for a program.Temperature range (eco): 1151–160°F; 2127–140°F; 3113–122°F; 4113–136°F.

Muscle mass It is 33 7/8 inches wide, 23 9/16 inches deep, and 23 3/4 inches high. Pilaster weighs 95,000 lbs. The time remaining indicator cleaned LED in the US, and the program status info light (red).624 gallons of water per year. The highest acceptable temperature for drinking water.Linked 60 Watts1,440-Watt Power Cord, 67 Inches Safety fuses12A NEMA 5-15P plug. structural classification Case Finish/ColorColored Control PanelInterracial BuildingPanel SetupNo way Infrared heating from a zeolite The hidden heating element is at a height of 33 7/8. Substrate for a TubeIncontestably Steel Softening the Water0 Equipment 23 9/16″, 5121°F program Safety ChildLockZero Consumption Glass shield Water program 14.9-6.4 gals 23.4-6.4 gal. 32.4–3.9 gal. 42.5–5.5 gal. 53.8 gal. 61.1 gal.

2. BRAMA BR-DWSH01-S Dishwasher 24-Inch Built-in with 6 Wash Options and 6 Automatic Cycles

The BRAMA BR-DWSH01-S Dishwasher is a built-in model with a 24-inch width that provides a satisfactory balance between the functions available and the price point. It is equipped with the adaptability to deal with a wide variety of dishware and varying degrees of filthiness thanks to its six wash choices and six automated cycles. Your kitchen will have increased longevity as well as a more modern look thanks to the stainless steel structure.

The computerized control and LED display that comes standard on the dishwasher make it simple to navigate the available programs and keep an eye on their status. The low noise level of 44 dB assures that the operation will be quiet, reducing the amount of interruptions that will occur in your house. The metallic finish of the dishwasher lends an air of contemporary chic to the design of your kitchen.

It is possible that the BRAMA dishwasher does not have some of the high-end features that are available in more costly models, despite the fact that it provides great performance and a reasonable price. In addition, the company’s reputation and customer service may differ, which is why it is important to take into consideration the evaluations and comments made by previous customers.

Product information

  • Brand BRAMA
  • Installation Type Built-In
  • Product Dimensions 24.5″D x 23.88″W x 33.75″H
  • Special Feature Sound Reduction System, Delay Start
  • Color Metallic
  • Controls Type Full Panel
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Noise 44 dB
  • Included Components 1 full washer with 3 racks
  • Finish Type Stainless Steel
  • ASIN       B07RPZPL1P
BRAMA Dishwasher 24-Inch Built In with 6 Wash Options and 6 Automatic Cycles, Stainless Steel Construction, Electronic Control LED Display, Low Noise Rating, 44 dB, Metallic
  • LARGE CAPACITY: This 24-inch dishwasher can hold up to 16 standard place settings, offering maximum capacity for multiple dishes, along with a silverware basket and cup tray for organized utensil and glass storage. Designed with a user-friendly touch control panel and hidden controls for a sleek appearance
  • CUSTOMIZED CLEANING OPTIONS: This automatic dishwasher features six convenient automatic cycles tailored to specific needs, including Pots & Pans, Normal wash, China crystal, Quick wash, Rinse only, and Energy saver. Additionally, it offers six extra wash options such as AIR Change, Steam Wash, Turbo Wash, Heating Dry, Sanitize, and Hi Temp Wash (hotter final rinse), allowing you to select the perfect cleaning settings for your dishes.
  • LOADED WITH FEATURES: Operating quietly at just 44dB, this automatic dishwasher ensures a peaceful kitchen environment. The rinse aid dispenser helps achieve spotless results, while the three spray arms ensure thorough cleaning. With the Soil Sensing smart wash and optimum cycle, it adjusts the cleaning intensity based on the dirt level of your tableware. The multiple filter system keeps water clean throughout the cycle and a special 3rd rack with three water jets allows for extra capacity.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This stainless steel dishwasher is specifically designed for easy built-in installation, seamlessly integrating into your kitchen. Please note that a power cord is not included. With a size of 23.875" W x 24.5" D x 33.75" H, this dishwasher fits perfectly into standard built-in spaces, optimizing space utilization in your kitchen.
  • DELIVERY, INSTALLATION & HAUL-AWAY –Delivery & Haul-Away (in select locations) – Let us do the heavy lifting with options for room-of-choice delivery, item unboxing, item hook-up/installation and haul-away at checkout.

Performance Features

  • BRAMA BR-DWSH01-S Dishwasher 24-Inch Built-In with 6 Wash Options and 6 Automatic Cycles, Stainless Steel Construction, Electronic Control LED Display, Low Noise Rating, 44 dB, Metallic Silver.
  • Wash settings: This dishwasher has six wash settings for varied cleaning requirements. The BRAMA BR-DWSH01-S features a wash choice for every need, from dirty pots and pans to delicate glassware.
  • Automatic Cycles: This dishwasher has six automatic cycles, making load selection easy. Normal, Quick, Heavy, Eco, Rinse, and Express cycles accommodate a variety of cleaning settings while maximizing performance and efficiency.
  • The dishwasher’s electronic control LED display makes program selection, cycle monitoring, and personalization simple. The straightforward display shows the wash cycle’s progress, remaining time, and any further options.
  • The BRAMA BR-DWSH01-S Dishwasher keeps the kitchen quiet at 44 dB. Open-concept kitchens or households where dishwasher uses overlap with other activities benefit from this functionality.

3. FRIGIDAIRE FFBD1831US Dishwasher, 18 inches, Stainless Steel

The FRIGIDAIRE FFBD1831US is a built-in dishwasher with an 18-inch width that is designed to maximize efficiency in kitchens with constrained square footage. The structure is made of stainless steel, which not only makes it long-lasting but also gives it an appealing look. Its width of 18 inches allows it to be stored in cupboards or flats with limited space.

This model has a variety of standard features, such as a number of various wash cycles and settings to cater to a variety of different requirements for cleanliness. Because it has a noise rating that is considered to be standard, its operation should not result in any major disruptions. The inside tub is made of stainless steel, which makes it resistant to stains and helps to keep the atmosphere clean.

It is possible that the FRIGIDAIRE FFBD1831US, although being a space-saving dishwasher that serves its intended purpose, may not provide the same degree of sophisticated features or the same level of performance as bigger, higher-end models. Nevertheless, this model from Frigidaire might be a good option for anyone looking for a dependable dishwasher that is ideal for tiny kitchens and bathrooms.

Product information

  • Brand    Frigidaire
  • Installation Type    Built-In
  • Product Dimensions    18″D x 22.5″W x 35″H
  • Capacity    8 Place Settings
  • Special Feature    ADA Compliant, Energy Star, NSF Certified Sanitize
  • Color    Stainless Steel
  • Controls Type    Front Control
  • Material    Stainless Steel
  • Noise    52 dB
  • Included Components    Power cord
  • ASIN    B07PZWHZS5
FRIGIDAIRE FFBD1831US Dishwasher, 18 inches, Stainless Steel
  • DUAL SPRAY ARM SYSTEM: Our top and bottom rack dual spray arm system gives you a thorough clean every time
  • SANITIZE CYCLE: National Sanitation Foundation Certified Sanitize Cycle
  • FITS UP TO 8 PLACE SETTINGS: Cleans 8 place settings in one cycle
  • HEATED DRYING SYSTEM: Heating element helps dry your dishes the first time
  • 6 CLEANING CYCLE OPTIONS: Easy-to-use cleaning cycle options include Energy Saver, Heavy Wash and Rinse

Functioning Characteristics:

  • Multiple Wash Cycles: The FRIGIDAIRE FFBD1831US Dishwasher has many wash cycles for different cleaning requirements. Users may tailor wash cycles for best cleaning depending on load size and dirt level with Normal, Heavy, and Quick choices.
  • This dishwasher’s strong filtration technology eliminates food, filth, and grease from dishes easily. The filtering mechanism prevents particles from resettling on cleaned goods.
  • prolong Start and Time-Saving Options: The dishwasher lets consumers prolong the wash cycle. This function helps utilize off-peak energy and prepare dishes. The dishwasher has a Quick Wash cycle for lightly dirty plates.
  • Adjustable Racks and Fold-Down Tines: The dishwasher accommodates various dishware sizes and shapes. The top and lower racks include fold-down tines for loading heavy pots, pans, and fragile glassware. Adjustable racks maximize space use.


Choosing the best dishwasher for a large family requires careful consideration of capacity, cleaning performance, energy efficiency, durability, and noise level. The Bosch 800 Series, KitchenAid KDTE334GPS, and BRAMA BR-DWSH01 are highly recommended options that offer excellent features catering to the needs of large families. Evaluate your specific requirements and compare various models to make an informed decision. With the right dishwasher, you can efficiently tackle your family’s dishwashing needs and enjoy more quality time together.


Q: What features should I look for in the best dishwasher for a large family?

A: When choosing a dishwasher for a large family, there are a few key features to consider. Look for a dishwasher with a high place setting capacity, typically 16 or more, to accommodate larger loads. Adjustable and flexible racks or a third rack can provide additional space for utensils, small items, and larger dishes. Opt for a dishwasher with multiple wash cycles and options to handle different types of dishes and levels of dirtiness. Energy efficiency and water-saving features can also be important for households that run the dishwasher frequently.

Q: What noise level is recommended for the best dishwasher for a large family?

A: For a large family, it’s beneficial to choose a dishwasher with a low noise level to minimize disruptions, especially if you have an open-concept kitchen or run the dishwasher during the evenings or overnight. Look for dishwashers with noise ratings of 40 dBA or lower, as they offer a quieter operation and ensure a more peaceful environment in your home.

Q: Are there any specific brands known for producing the best dishwashers for large families?

A: Several brands are recognized for producing high-quality dishwashers suitable for large families. Brands like Bosch, KitchenAid, Miele, and GE have a strong reputation for manufacturing reliable and efficient dishwashers with spacious interiors and thoughtful features. These brands often offer models with higher place setting capacities, adjustable racks, and advanced cleaning technologies, making them a good choice for households with a larger number of dishes to clean on a regular basis. However, it’s important to research specific models within these brands to ensure they meet your requirements and preferences.

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