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Smooth skin, well-formed curves, and perfectly falling hair – these three qualities are the epitome of feminine beauty! The third point is achieved not only by the right haircut and optimal care but also crucial is one of the most important tools in the bathroom: the perfect hairdryer!

The Hollywood stars go into a Blow Dry Bar hair salon before every public appearance on the Red Carpet, where you only get professional blow-drying. The pros conjure up a lot of volume and gentle waves with nothing but hot air. In the meantime, a hit in the US, the concept is now slowly coming to Europe. But for everyday life is the constant visit of a Blow Dry Bar time and financially for most not in it.

Do you have to do it without a nice look? No! With a bit of practice and especially a high-quality hairdryer, you can mimic the pros at home in the private bathroom.


Beautiful and healthy hair depends on numerous factors: It starts with a balanced diet, needs the care products tailored to the needs of your own hair type and ends with what and how the hair is styled regularly. The possession of the right tools is already half the way to the desired result. Those who only resort to the first-ever hair dryer may save money, but are dissatisfied with the performance and, in the worst case, even risk damaging their own hair structure – for example because the cheap hair dryer works too hot.

The market currently offers over 100 different hairdryers from manufacturers around the world. Many of them – in all price ranges – are real power tools that are state-of-the-art. So that you can really make the right choice for your hair type, your needs and last but not least your wallet, we have tested 8 different hair dryers for you. Following our test, we also answer the most common questions about hairdryers, styling and proper hair care.

The test criteria for our product comparison

In our search for the highest quality hair dryer and thus test winner in the product comparison, we have evaluated the eight featured hair dryer according to several factors:

  • The design
  • The attached accessories
  • The hair drying itself
  • The technical protection mechanisms against Frizz & Co
  • Price-performance ratio

With the help of our comparison, the purchase decision is guaranteed easier. You have all the information you need to find the right hair dryer for your needs.

Following our product comparison, you will also find a Buyers Guide. This contains many more tips to consider before buying a high-priced and high-quality hairdryer. In addition, we answer the most frequently asked questions about hairdryers, styling and healthy hair.

Our Top Picks

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

THE FARM OF THE FUTURE: Probably the coolest hairdryer in our test! This item not only looks like a science fiction series but also uses state-of-the-art technology that delivers a first-class result. It is worth the high price!

The design

Wow! The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer brings futuristic elegance to your bathroom. We chose our product test for the version in a beautiful, intense fuchsia tone with an anthracite handle. But the Dyson Supersonic is also available in minimalist black, dark purple and shiny silver. It is even available in royal blue with a fan of genuine 23.75-carat gold. This is a luxury for the hair in the truest sense of the word! In this most expensive variant, the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer comes in a red leather case, which considers a practical storage box. Probably nothing that you buy yourself for everyday life, but a great gift idea – for example, to successfully completed training to the hairdresser or the opening of your own salon.

Visually, the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is completely different from ordinary hair dryers. At the top of the narrow, straight handle sits a round fan with an opening in the middle, visible from both sides. The digital engine install in the grip, the upper circle concentrates purely on the circulation of the air. The slightly unfamiliar appearance, at first sight, will inspire you at the latest after the first application.

The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer also comes with the following accessories:

  • Smoothing nozzle
  • Styling nozzle
  • Supersonic diffuser
  • Anti-slip mat
  • Suspension

The particularities

Behind the power of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer are two secrets: an impeller made of 13 leaves and the air multiplier technology specially developed for this hairdryer. The intake air is tripled in volume by this novel system and thus hits the hair with full force. This reduces the time it takes to dry the hair many times over. Despite the high amount of air but this is very controlled and precisely released. So you never have to worry about your hair standing on end.

An intelligent temperature regulation ensures that the freed air never hotter than 150 degrees Celsius is. This prevents damage to the hair structure and prevents the hair from drying out. During blow-drying you can also choose between four heating levels.

Another plus is the low volume of the Supersonic Hairdryer. Due to the changing technology, he makes a noise, but this is hardly comparable to that of a conventional hairdryer. This is especially ideal for those who want to dry their hair at any time, in spite of sleeping baby or noise-sensitive pets. Even a partner who is still sleeping during the morning style is guaranteed not to be woken up by this hairdryer.

Dyson employees have been working on the development of the Supersonic Hairdryer for a full five years. The result is more than impressive and is being used more and more by industry professionals.

For whom is this hair dryer suitable?

The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is not an ordinary hairdryer. Although short-haired people hardly style them, they will also be enthusiastic about the performance of the modern super-hair dryer, but they will not be able to use its many features to that extent. Things are completely different for women with long hair, thick hair and natural curls!

Even women with very thin hair get in combination with the diffuser attachment a previously barely achieved volume. The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer delivers a look that you can only have right after a visit to the hairdresser.

ATTENTION: While the super hairdryer seems to be able to do everything better, it is not suitable in one area, namely as a travel hairdryer! The technology consumes quite a bit of power so that it does not get going in countries with lower power, such as in many parts of Asia. However, if you are only traveling within Europe, the Supersonic Hairdryer is a great choice because of its compact size.

The manufacturer

The success story of the British brand Dyson began with a vacuum cleaner. Company founder James Dyson dissatisfy with the performance of his home appliance and quickly invented his own, more powerful vacuum cleaner. Even today, Dyson vacuum cleaners are some of the most popular on the market.

Furthermore, the company manufactures air cleaners, fans, professional hand dryers and much more. In addition to the Supersonic Hairdryer, Dyson Airwrap, an equally innovative curling iron sets new standards in beauty and hair care. Dyson focuses on quality instead of quantity! Few products that are all the more high-end developed.

The test result

Apparently not of this world is not only the design of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, but also the result he delivers. The hair is dried in a few minutes, feels soft and supple and is complete without the frizz. From the towel-dried state immediately after the shower to the final result, you only need half the time than with all other hair dryers. The three supplied nozzles perfect the application for every hair type and every hairstyle, the anti-slip mat is very convenient when you lay down the hairdryer – for example while repositioning the round brush.

INFO: The various attachment nozzles do not have to be plugged in or screwed on. They magnetically hold on the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. Also a new, cool feature!

Why the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer in this much praise still only ranked 2 in our big product comparison? Quite simply – the price has it all and not everyone is ready for a hairdryer so deep in the bag. That gives slight deductions in the rating.

Dyson Supersonic Fast-Drying Gift Edition with Complimentary Stand for Hair Dryer and Attachments, Fuchsia
  • Fastest drying+: The small, powerful Dyson digital motor V9 combined with Air Multiplier technology, produces a high velocity jet of controlled air, for the fastest drying+ and precision styling
  • Gift edition includes complimentary display stand, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, smoothing noozle, styling concentrator, diffuser, non slip mat, and storage hanger
  • Helps prevents extreme heat damage: Intelligent heat control measures the air temperature over 40 times a second, to prevent extreme heat damage
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The advantages

  • Fast and powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Almost silently
  • Intelligent heat regulation
  • Modern, very attractive design

The disadvantages

  • Very high price

GHD Air Hair Drying Kit

A SET FOR EVERYBODY: Get the cult brand of stars in your bathroom! GHD Air is used by hairdressers and stylists around the world. And rightly so, because not only does this hairdryer look incredibly elegant, it also delivers luxurious performance in the blink of an eye.

The design

Elegant, classic black – that’s what the design of the GHD Air Hair Drying Kit is all about, from the hairdryer itself to the smallest accessories. The heart of the set is the GHD Air hairdryer, which is also available separately. For our great product comparison, we decided on the set, because only the accessories actually make the maximum performance and all styling possibilities possible.

Not only the color but also the shape of the hairdryer exudes a minimalist elegance. It is not a hairdryer that becomes an absolute eye-catcher in the bathroom, but that is precisely why it meets the timeless taste of numerous customers. Even entire hairdressing salons are equipped with the GHD Air Hair Dryer, which looks very professional. Furthermore, the design not only has an optical effect but is also ergonomically shaped.

The hairdryer is particularly good in the hand and adapts well to right and left-handers alike. The 3-meter long cable gives flexible freedom of movement during styling. With a weight of about 1600 grams, the hairdryer of the GHD Air

Hair Drying Kit is also quite heavy.

In addition to the hairdryer, the GHD Air Dry Drying Kit includes:

  • Centering nozzle
  • Diffuser
  • GHD Ceramic Radial Brush
  • Air clips
  • GHD Air Cloth Bag

The particularities

The hairdryer of the GHD Air Hair Drying Kit promises to dry hair twice as fast as conventional hair dryers. This is made possible by the 2100-watt AC motor inside the GHD Air.

The engine generates a high-pressure air stream that hits the hair bundled. In addition, GHD Air uses advanced, advanced ion technology. It prevents the hair from drying out and the resulting frizz effect.

In addition to all the modern innovations of technology, the temperature is still the most important element of a hairdryer. The hairdryer of the GHD Air Hair Drying Kit has 3 x 3 temperature and power levels, which can be variably adjusted and combined. An additional cold air button offers another option.


The striking selling point of the GHD kit is of course the included accessories, which raises the price compared to the GHD hairdryer as a single purchase only slightly. But what do you actually need the individual components and which hairstyling is possible with it?

Centering nozzle

The centering nozzle attachment makes a particularly precise blow-drying possible. The air is bundled and brought through a narrow slot on the hair. The centering nozzle is used, for example, in the smooth blow-drying of the entire hair (as an alternative to the straightener), the strand-by-strand drying of certain short hairstyles or even women who only want to blow dry their forehead fringe. With a centering nozzle, you have complete control over where the hot air of the hairdryer gets on your hair.


The GHD diffuser attachment is the miracle cure for all women with curls, natural waves or the desire for more volume. The evenly distributed, small pegs on the diffuser allow a blow dryer closer to the hairline, loosen and divide the strands and lift the hair. The result is hair that has not been flattened by drying, but has fullness, volume and perfect waves.

GHD Ceramic Radial Brush

With the perfect hair dryer alone, some hairstyles are not enough. The round brush included in the set makes the blow-drying of the strands even easier and gives the hair a lively shape. Her body is made of ceramic, especially on the brush. This stores the heat that the hairdryer gives off.

This hair is dried almost simultaneously from both sides. In addition, they are brought into shape by the additional heat, by a similar – albeit also weaker – effect of a curling iron. Only the bristles are a bit prickly, which can disturb more sensitive women. The diameter of the GHD Ceramic Radial Brush included in the set amounts to 45 mm, which corresponds to the size 3. You can also buy narrower and thicker breasts from GHD.

GHD Clips and Cloth Bag

As additional goodies, the GHD Air Hair Drying Kit contains two high-quality plastic clips that are suitable for dividing the hair. This staking makes the strand-by-strand blow-drying even easier. The supplied black cloth bag with the GHD logo has enough space for a hairdryer and accessories so that it can be taken away neatly and safely when traveling. For the GHD Air is not a travel hairdryer, but you will never want to miss him!

Simultaneously from both sides. In addition, they are brought into shape by the additional heat, by a similar – albeit also weaker – effect of a curling iron. Only the bristles are a bit prickly, which can disturb more sensitive women. The diameter of the GHD Ceramic Radial Brush included in the set amounts to 45 mm, which corresponds to the size 3. You can also buy narrower and thicker breasts from GHD.

For whom is this hair dryer suitable?

In principle, the GHD Air Hair Drying Kit is an all-rounder for women (and men) of all types of hair. We especially want to recommend this kit to women with curls and natural waves, as well as women with very thick, dense hair. Unfortunately, hair of this type often suffers from dehydration, frizz and straw-like lengths. Due to the short drying time, the ion technology and the separation of the strands through the diffuser attachment, natural curls are brought into shape and not only look soft and supple, they also feel that way.

If you like to smooth your thick, wavy hair, you will be happy with the GHD Air. In combination with the centering nozzle and the ceramic brush, this variant of smoothing is more gentle than a flat iron. But never forget the heat protection!

The manufacturer

The brand name GHD stands for Good Hair Day – because exactly these good days should be achievable with the products of the manufacturer every day and for every woman. The British brand gained worldwide fame and cult status after using their hairdryers, hair straighteners and other tools for the models of the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show. Even stars like Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katy Perry swear by GHD for their daily styling. In addition to the electronic helpers for the hair, GHD also produces products such as heat protection and hair spray, which also enjoy an excellent reputation among professionals.

The test result

GHD is a cult brand! That the reality corresponds to the hype, you already notice when opening the packaging of the GHD Air Hair Drying Kit. Each element is high-quality and makes a professional impression. Even the two hair clips, which in other sets are often just a rather useless addition, could be used directly in the professional salon, hold perfectly and are probably extremely durable.

The promise to dry your hair in half the time that other hair dryers need is met. This is also the biggest advantage of this hairdryer, which sets it apart from other hair dryers. The short drying phase not only saves time in the bathroom but is also good for the hair. Too much heat damages the hair structure, so the shorter the blow-dry, the better! The variable setting of the heat levels also contributes to gentle hair styling.

GHD Air is already one of the absolute top products on the market! In the set of accessories it is almost unbeatable and an investment that will pay off for many years!

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The advantages

  • Dries twice faster than other hair dryers
  • High quality accessories
  • No frizz
  • Very fair price-performance ratio
  • Perfect for curly hair and more volume

The disadvantages

  • Pretty hard
  • Round brush high quality but with very hard bristles

BaBylissPRO Professional Hair Dryer Pro Digital

WITH THE MOST MODERN TECHNOLOGY: Curly heads beware! This light and stylish hairdryer by the Paris brand ByByliss brings natural waves to perfection and dries in a matter of seconds. Even women with African hair are in good hands with this hairdryer.

The design

A hairdryer, where even the masters of creation look twice! The BaBylissPRO professional hairdryer Pro Digital shines in metallic silver and shines in bright blue. Unlike many other modern hair dryers on the market, this BaByliss model looks less feminine and masculine-a welcome change, not only for the male world but also for couples sharing a hairdryer or sporty woman with cool style.

With a weight of about 483 grams, the BaBylissPro Professional Pro Digital Hair Dryer is a relatively lightweight hair dryer that fits very well in the hand. The ergonomic shape also facilitates blow-drying. As the only disadvantage in terms of design and operation of the BaBylissPro Professional Pro Digital Hair Dryer we see the slightly unfavorably placed buttons on the side. To change the setting, the hairdryer almost always has to be set down briefly to see exactly which button you press.

The BaBylissPro Professional Hair Dryer Pro Digital comes with the following accessories:

  • Diffuser attachment
  • Centering nozzle 6 x 90 mm
  • Centering nozzle 4 x 75 mm

The particularities

The first big feature of the BaByliss Pro Professional Hair Dryer Pro Digital comes to mind when you first turn it on: it’s incredibly quiet! According to the manufacturer, the noise level is four times lower than other hairdryers with similar performance and dry rate. That makes him ideal for the whole family, as even children sensitive to noise feel the difference clearly. And also dogs and cats do not have to flee anymore.

The digital motor included in the BaByliss Pro Professional Pro Digital Hair Dryer works completely electronically and guarantees a lifespan of about 10,000 hours. This allows you to blow-dry your hair for years without impairing the performance of the hair-dryer.

Even during the dry season, the dryer promises a faster, better result than is the case with other models. More specifically, hair is 30% faster than traditional hairdryers.

What sets the BaByliss Pro Professional Pro Digital Hairdryer apart from comparable hair dryers is its constant temperature of 70 ° C. Specially designed to protect the hair, the hair dryer’s air never gets hotter and is always at the optimum point needed for drying and styling. Why does the hair dry so quickly despite this rather low temperature? The secret is the airspeed of 208 km / h. This airflow is so effective that even at 70 ° C, everything is done in no time at all. Of course, the temperature can also be controlled individually at the press of a button, right down to the cold stage.

The culmination is the High Ionic Airflow technology. The ions generated by this method prevent electronically charged hair that starts to fly and stick out in all directions. On the contrary, the hair remains smooth, supple and shiny.

For whom is this hair dryer suitable?

The BaByliss Pro Professional Pro Digital Hair Dryer is a high-quality hair dryer that can handle everything from short, thin to dense, curly hair. In our product comparison, however, we would like to emphasize that the BaByliss model has also proved very effective in women with African hair structures.

The special, small curls of the African hair structure need a special level of care. This is one of the reasons why many women opt for an easy-care, permanent braiding, chemical smoothing or even wigs. But the natural look is becoming more and more of a trend! A hairdryer can be used to make larger, smoother waves out of tight, small curls. For this purpose, the hair is divided into several sections in the wet state, twirled together with the finger and pinned to the head with a clip.

After that, every single one of these small hills is blown. It’s best to use the diffuser attachment as well, but without movement. It forms a dome around the hair section and dries very fast from all sides. Once the entire head has dried completely, the clips can be loosened and the hair shook out. The resulting curls have momentum and stay in good shape.

All Leave-In care products, such as hair oils and specially tailored to African hair masks are activated even more by the heat of the hairdryer and penetrate deeper into the Haarsturktur.

The manufacturer

The French brand BaByliss first appeared in Paris in the early 1960s. In the early years, she focused entirely on the manufacture and distribution of hairdryers, both for beauty salons and for private clients. Today, BaByliss offers a wealth of other beauty care products. In addition to innovative shavers for men, this also includes devices for hair removal for women, as well as smoothing brushes, straighteners and curling irons. According to current manufacturer information, 80% of all households in France own at least one device of the BaByliss brand.

BaByliss has been a subsidiary of the American company Conair since the 1990s.

The test result

The BaByliss Pro Professional Pro Digital Hair Dryer is clearly the most family-friendly hairdryer in our big product comparison! Men appreciate the design and are happy that their short hair will dry out even quicker than usual. Women try their hand at the three top nozzles and find the perfect variation for their own hair. And children love the almost noiseless hair dryer that works so fast that it can soon go back to the nursery to play.

The hairdryer by BaByliss fits well in the hand and keeps everything it promises. The reduced time when drying hair is the best selling point and the manufacturer does not promise too much here. With the GHD there is a hairdryer on the market that dries even faster, but at such a good pace the few seconds make almost no difference.

BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer, Nano Titanium Portofino 2000-Watt Blow Dryer, Hair Styling & Appliances, Black, BPOR1
  • This high-performing 2000-watt BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino hair dryer with Nano titanium technology generates gentle, even heat for exceptionally shiny locks! Comes with a removable filter.
  • This hair dryer uses Nano titanium ionic technology to fight static electricity & close the cuticle for shiny hair.
  • Great for all hair types including thick & coarse hair, this blow dryer helps reveal shiny, healthy-looking hair.
q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B003B6S36S&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=lajmpress 20

The advantages

  • Very fast
  • Light and quiet
  • Protects hair from drying out
  • Good for curly and African hair
  • 3 essays included

The disadvantages

  • Design is habituation
  • Buttons badly placed

Remington ion hair dryer PROluxe

A GIRLFRIEND IN ROSE: The Remington ion hair dryer PROluxe with its innovative PROluxe styling nozzle is the ideal hairdryer to smooth the hair with warm air. As part of the new generation of Remington devices, it’s a budget-priced model that has a lot of good!

The design

Rose gold for the second! Like our test winner, the Remington Ion Hairdryer PROluxe relies entirely on the feminine trend color, which exudes a touch of luxury. If you treat yourself to the complete set, which also consists of a rose gold flat iron, curling iron, and curlers, you will see visually real girl dreams in your bathroom.

The cable of Remington ion hair dryer PROluxe has a length of about 3 meters, which corresponds to the salon length. You will receive a hanging loop that you can fix on your bathroom wall. Not only do you hang the hairdryer on it while it’s not in use, but you can also hang the part of the cable that is too long for your private use while the hair is drying. So you have optimal flexibility and freedom of movement, but also do not stumble over your own cable.

The Remington Ion Hairdryer PROluxe comes with the following accessories:

  • PROluxe styling nozzle
  • Styling nozzle 7 mm
  • Diffuser

The best practical detail in the design of the Remington Ion Hairdryer PROluxe is the removable air filter, which makes it easy to clean. Your hairdryer will never whirl more dust through the air and the hair care becomes completely hygienic.

The particularities

The Remington Ion Hair Dryer PROluxe uses the specially developed OPTIheat technology for the first time. Thanks to the special PROluxe styling nozzle, the hot air is applied to the hair much more precisely than with conventional styling nozzles. The OPTIheat shape ensures that no valuable air pressure escapes on the sides and is wasted.

Another special feature is the so-called style button. If you press it, the performance of the Remington ion hair dryer PROluxe will temporarily increase by 400 watts and the air will be heated more. The key is used, for example, when it has to be very fast in the morning, but also for styling ideas such as the smooth blow-drying of the hair.

The combination of a new styling nozzle and the Style button should guarantee that your pampered look will last up to 24 hours – just as fresh from the hairdresser!

The powerful motor of the Remington ion hair dryer PROluxe is operated at 2400 watts, which also corresponds to performance as in the salon of the professionals. In addition, there is an ion generator in the device, which produces up to 90% more ions in contrast to the previous Remington hairdryers. That’s a tremendous increase in quality that has allowed Remington hairdryers to finally be in the big league, landing on our list of the best hair dryers. The ions are responsible for preventing static charge and giving the hair a beautiful shine.

Last but not least, with the Remington Ion Hairdryer PROluxe you can also choose between three different heating levels and two fan speeds. The maximum air pressure is a proud 150 km / h. To fix the hairstyle and to smooth the hair structure, there is of course also an additional cold air stage.

For whom is this hair dryer suitable?

The Remington ion hair dryer PROluxe is high quality and modern hairdryer for the small budget! If you do not want to spend a three-digit amount for a hairdryer, you will get a real highlight with this device, which does not have to hide from the other hair dryers on our list.

Due to the special styling nozzle, which works very precisely, we recommend the Remington ion hair dryer PROluxe especially those women who are looking for a hairdryer to blow dry their hair. The included nozzle is one of the best, if not the best, we tested for this purpose.

The manufacturer

The American brand Remington was founded in 1936. The success story began with the manufacture of razors for men.

The name shared Remington then and even today with a popular manufacturer of rifles.

In the Remington range, you will find all the equipment you could wish for to care for and beautify your skin and body. In addition to numerous tools for styling hair, these include epilators, electric callus removers, electric brushes for facial cleansing and much more.

Remington is among the cheaper of the well-known brands in the market. Their philosophy is to enable as many people as possible access to high-quality equipment.

The test result

The Remington Ion Hair Dryer PROluxe offers exceptionally good performance and a great result, which is even more impressive due to the low price. It is the ideal hair dryer for those who can not spend a lot of money, but still do not want to give up a beautiful hair.

Due to the enchanting, very feminine design, we can also present the Remington ion hair dryer PROluxe as a perfect present for a young lady in her teens. With the different nozzles new hairstyle ideas can be realized well. A small minus point is the diffuser nozzle, which is included in addition to the PROluxe styling nozzle. It is not bad, but compared to the PROluxe Stylingdüse but significantly weaker in performance and can not quite keep up with other hair dryers on our list in this point.

Therefore, it will recommend unrestricted to anyone who does not need a lot more volume in hair or the hair dryer especially for smoothing. We recommend women with very thin hair and real curly hair to other devices.

REMINGTON Pro Hair Dryer with Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology, Purple, AC9140S
  • 50% Faster Drying*
  • Less Frizz with 90% More Ions**
  • Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology Optimizes Heat for Healthy Styles
q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B01FJSQ5LA&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=lajmpress 20

The advantages

  • Unbeatable price
  • Innovative PROluxe styling nozzle
  • Great for flattening
  • Beautiful design
  • High ion production

The disadvantages

  • Less good for tight curls and fine hair
  • Rather loud

Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence

ENERGY SAVING HAIR DRYER: Dry hair in a short time, despite low energy consumption? The Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence does this feat. For environmentally-conscious customers there is no better hairdryer.

The design

Young, modern, dynamic – these are the three characteristics that best describe the design of the Rowenta CV6030 Eco-Intelligence hairdryer. A case wrapped in dull black is complemented by buttons and a few color accents in a fresh meadow green. Green is exactly the right choice of color for this hairdryer, which focuses fully on the topics of eco and environmental awareness.

The design of the Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence is clearly geared towards a young, urban target group and appeals to modern men and women alike. We imagine this hairdryer as an optical element in a bright, large bathroom with plants, wood and stone floor. Here a whole lifestyle is embodied! But you do not have to have a penchant for modern interior design to find the Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence extremely appealing.

It is very dynamic and ergonomically shaped and radiates something very classic at the same time.

The Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence Hair Dryer includes two accessories:

  • 1x concentrator nozzle
  • 1 x diffuser nozzle

The particularities

Of course the main focus of the Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence Hair Dryer is green energy! The manufacturer promises 30% energy savings at 100% power. The values of the Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence were compared to those of a Rowenta of the same generation without eco-development.

This energy-saving is noticeable in regular hair drying and not only does the environment good, but it also lowers your own electricity bill. Save money when drying your hair – the Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence makes it possible!

In spite of saving energy, you do not have to do without the quality of a modern hairdryer. The Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence Hair Dryer features a Moving Air Booster.

The air is bundled and precisely brought out of the hair with full force, while the opening of the device automatically moves back and forth. There is no need for manual intervention. This automatic wiggling motion requires less energy than other devices but does not increase the drying time. The Rowenta does not dry faster than other devices, but it uses less power for the same effect.

Furthermore, the Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence hairdryer has the so-called IONIC function, the integrated antistatic function. It keeps the hair from static and frizz.

Dyson hair dryer black friday

For whom is this hair dryer suitable?

Anyone looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to their home appliances will absolutely love the Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence Hair Dryer. This love is even easier because you have to accept absolutely no losses in performance.

The Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence Hair Dryer dries and styles hair as well, fast and powerful as other hair dryers in its price range, which by the way is surprisingly low. With this device, you not only save electricity, but also have low initial costs.

The manufacturer

Rowenta is one of the leading suppliers of household appliances of all kinds. The company was founded in Germany but now belongs to a French parent company. Rowenta’s first electronic device was a toaster in 1915. It was soon followed by-products such as coffee makers and irons. Devices of these product groups are still produced today and constantly developed.

In the area of beauty care, Rowenta manufactures hair straighteners, hair straighteners, hot airbrushes and a variety of hair removal equipment for women.

The test result

Eco can be that good! The Rowenta CV6030 Eco Intelligence Hair Dryer convinces all along and shows that high performance does not necessarily require high energy.

The Moving Air Booster is a great invention that, like any other hairdryer, has never seen before. She could go to school because our impression was that the movement inside not only accelerates the dry season but also provides more volume. The two essays are qualitatively comparable to those of other hairdryers and do their job well.

Again and again, the look falls out of the design, because the matte black in combination with the cheeky green really makes a lot. Optically, ecologically and in terms of performance a complete success!


In conclusion, Dyson hair dryer Black Friday offers are a great way to save on the popular dryer. Black Friday offers great discounts on several things, including the Dyson hair dryer.

Dyson regularly reduces its hair dryers on Black Friday, making it a good opportunity to buy this high-end hair care item. Black Friday is a great time to get the Dyson hair dryer if you’ve been eyeing it or want to upgrade.

Stay updated about Dyson hair dryer Black Friday offers from reliable sellers. Compare prices, look for specials and bundles, and be ready to buy when the bargains are available. Warranty coverage, after-sales service, and return policies should be considered along with this period’s deep discounts.

In conclusion, Dyson hair dryer Black Friday bargains are a great way to save money. Take advantage of Black Friday discounts, research stores, and make an educated buy to enjoy this unique hair styling product and the savings.

Through the above article, we share some experience to make the best choice for Dyson Hairdryer which to buy. We hope you enjoy this article.

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