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Inflatable Hot Tubs has many benefits Anyone who plays with the idea of getting it will probably think through some questions. This is completely normal because a larger investment such as a hot tub for outside is not made every day.

The decisions will be well-considered, whether they ultimately fail or oppose a strippable jacuzzi, while we want to assist you.

Therefore, below we have collected the most important questions about inflatable hot tubs and answered them for you.

The most important questions about inflatable hot tubs

Q. How stable is an inflatable hot tub?

An inflatable hot tub, such as the popular models we recommend, like SaluSpa Miami, is usually very stable. Of course, different manufacturers also use different materials.

Many people rely on maximum safety and use a special PVC fabric, also used in shipbuilding. Several layers of this material are used in production to achieve a very stable whirlpool.

Moreover, all models can also be used outdoors with additional, special coatings. With this coating, both special tear and abrasion resistance as well as protection against UV rays and frost. All of these facts mean that an inflatable spa retains its shape for several months.

Q. Do you have to put it on a floor mat or insulated?

An inflatable hot tub must always stand on an insulating material. Typically, manufacturers of inflatable hot tubs will send this with the appropriate insulating rug after which the spa is located. The insulation mat protects the spa from below and prevents the release of heat to the floor. In addition, the bottom of the spa is protected by floor mats – rocks or twigs cannot damage the floor.

Q. How much air does the jacuzzi need?

Each inflatable hot tub is equipped with a pump that can also inflate the spa. This pump automatically switches off when the spa is pumped with enough air. This is guaranteed by an integrated fuse.

Q. What is the power consumption?

Each model is equipped with different power, of course leading to separate energy consumption. Most pumps have a capacity of 2000 watts. The length of the warm-up phase depends largely on the amount of water, the outside temperature, the outlet temperature of the water, and the desired water temperature. The larger the temperature difference between the outlet water temperature and the desired temperature, the longer the boot time will be.

Of course, this then leads to higher energy consumption. Add to that the filter’s energy consumption when you clean the water. This consumption also depends on the frequency of use and frequency of cleaning. To function, a 230-volt connection is required.

Q. How long does it take for the water to reach the desired temperature?

With a heat capacity of 2000 W an inflatable hot tub can heat water between one and a half to two and a half degrees per hour. If you want to heat the water up to 42 degrees Celsius and put warm water 20 degrees Celsius into the whirlpool, then you have to expect a period of 8 to 14 hours.

If you use the lid when heating, the water heats up faster. Therefore, it is useful to place the lid on the pool immediately when not in use; so the water doesn’t cool down too quickly and you need a shorter time until it reaches the desired temperature.

Q. How can clean water?

If you want to keep water constantly in an inflatable hot tub, you can maintain and purify the water by using various measures. You can clean the water with chlorine tablets or use ozone. In addition, the market currently offers a number of funds made entirely without chemical additives.

To clean the filter, you can use specially prepared agents. All of these agents also prevent the blockage of indoor spa walls. In addition, regular pumps should be used to keep the water clean.

Q. How big is an inflatable hot tub?

An inflatable hot water tank makes two types of noise: when the pump is running and when air bubbles are being used. Both are kept within limits and cause noise that a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer makes. The pump also makes a noise. In any case, an inflatable spa will exceed the legal noise level and therefore can be easily used outdoors.

Q. How often and should the pump run?

The pump should protect water from overturning. Therefore, the frequency of using the pump depends on the frequency of use of the spa. The second component is the frequency of water exchange. The more often you change the water, the less you are allowed to use the pump.

Use an inflatable hot tub daily and rarely change the water, then you should run the pump for six to eight hours a day. Turn on the filter two to three times a day to allow water to circulate regularly. At the same time, the use of detergents, such as chlorine, oxygen, etc. is always recommended.

Q. How long does the cleaning take?

The purification of water depends on the agent used. A detergent in tablet form only needs to be added to the buoy, if any. The cleaning then takes place automatically. How long the pump needs to be cleaned depends on its performance and amount of water. Regularly, the water flow per hour up to 1300 liters.

Q. Is it possible to use an inflatable hot tub in the winter?

Thanks to the strong materials that make up an inflatable spa, it can sometimes be used in the winter. For this purpose, manufacturers always equip the spa with a shell that protects the water from freezing depending on the outside temperature. If you want to keep the water in the spa longer for the winter, it is recommended to heat the water every few days to avoid freezing.

During a snowy winter, it is recommended to sweep the snow out of the shell every day. Heating the water to the desired temperature does not matter even at temperatures below freezing. In addition, the pump can operate as normal even at colder temperatures.

Which pools are really antifreeze, we tell you here, because unfortunately, this is not true for everyone.

Q. What exactly is the difference between an inflatable hot tub and a pool?

The inflatable hot tub differs from the classic pool by one key aspect: previously there were popular jets that constantly poured water into the hot tub, inviting you to relax.

On the other hand, classic pools are more likely to romp, splash and swim because they exercise less underwater and do not have such massage jets.

Q. How to clean with an active filter?

For inflatable hot tubs there are sand filters and cartridge filters. The sand filter works by sending water through quartz sand, cleaning it there and returning clean water back to the pool. Quartz sand should be changed at least once a year. If the water is not adequately cleaned, and must be replaced earlier.

With cartridge filters, dirt accumulates in the paper filters. These must be changed regularly. In all lime, filters can collect from water. Therefore, in addition, at least three times a year, the filter should be descaled.

Q. Can the temperature be adjusted?

Each inflatable spa has a control panel that can set temperatures. With this panel, separate desired temperatures can be selected, in which the heating system then heats up automatically.

If the water cools back during use, most heaters will start over until the temperature is reached. Most models allow a maximum temperature of 40 or 42 degrees Celsius.

High-quality whirlpools have key locks, preventing unintentional adjustments of the desired temperature.

Q. Can you use salt water or perfume additives?

Perfume additives can be used with any inflatable hot tub. Many manufacturers offer these accessories as accessories. For external additive companies, you must always pay attention to components and clarify based on operating instructions, if you can use them.

Depending on the composition, the filter may be clogged. The same thing applies to the use of saltwater. Some manufacturers support this, others refuse saltwater. In particular, the use of saltwater depends on the material of the inflatable hot tub.

Q. How often should the water be changed?

Water in hot tubs should be changed every few days. This prevents water from top-down. As soon as common cleaners are used and pH-controlled, water can survive in the spa for a longer time. In addition, the time to fill water depends on the frequency of use of the pump.

With the pump, the water is cleaned and the more you do it, the longer it can last in the spa. In addition to the frequency of using the spa, the number of people affects the timing of pouring water. You may also consider automatic garden irrigation, which may include an inflatable pool.

Q. Can animals destroy vortices?

The inflatable hot tub uses material so strong that almost no animal can destroy a spa. For this reason, several layers of basic materials are always used. Certainly a cat with sharp claws can make a hole in the outer wall. In this case, this small hole can be repaired with a commercial patch.

Q. Is the heater automatically turned off?

An inflatable hot tub controlled by a control panel allows you to set the desired temperature. As soon as the water reaches this temperature, the heating system will automatically turn off. If the water cools down during use, it will normally turn back on automatically and heat to the desired temperature.

Q. Do you sit directly on the floor or have a bench?

With an inflatable jacuzzi, you sit directly on the floor. No model fitted with a seat. The height of an inflatable hot tub is allowed so that taller people can sit comfortably while children are in it.

Q. Is water coming out of the hose heated?

Bubbles created by spas are not heated. Blubberbläschen may seem cold, but don’t worry, as the water is usually relatively warm.

Q. What further efforts should I expect?

Hot tubs needs a lot of care. Water should be checked regularly by pH ranges (should be in the range of 7.0 to 7.4) and if necessary by special means in the scale to carry. Moreover, the filter must be changed regularly and you should use care products to prevent algae and disinfect.

Q. Are there hot tubs that constantly need electricity?

The inflatable spa only needs electricity during operation. This means the spa only needs power when the pump is running to clean the water, the nozzle is turned on or when the heater is heating water. If not, the hot tub does not need a power source and can be disconnected from the power source when not in use.

Q. How can you drain water?

An inflatable hot tub usually has a valve on the bottom for drainage. This will then run directly to the ground. If you do not have a spa in the garden, you can use this drain to connect a water pump and pump water into tanks or tubs. In addition, a garden hose can connect.

Q. How do you turn soda on and off?

Bubbles can be turned on via the control panel. Most models will turn off bubbles or, if available, massage function after a certain period of time. Regular soda runs 20 or 30 minutes before automatically turning off. After a certain time, soda will return. However, you can also enable and disable bubbles manually on most models.

Q. How should the outer shell be maintained?

The outer shell does not have to be looked after in a special way. It is sufficient to wash them with water as needed.

Q. Can you put an inflatable pool on the balcony or terrace?

Due to its size, an inflatable hot tub can easily be placed on a balcony or terrace. However, the existing capacity of a balcony or terrace must be considered, since much of the water is left in a whirlpool, of course, there is a lot of weight.


Above are some questions that customers often ask when buying hot tubs to use. Through the article, we want to provide some experience before you decide to buy hot tubs. We hope you like it.

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