My experience with Dyson hair dryers

Dyson hair dryers are on everyone’s lips. Celebrities and stylists swear by magic devices. Also, I feel like a celebrity and experiment with style wonders.

About a year ago, Dyson entered the hair dryer business. A luxurious hair dryer like the world has not yet seen it. For celebrities like Alessandra Ambrosio as a testimonial, the Dyson hair dryer leaves an impression not to be missed. And people are talking about small luxury devices …

Check out the Dyson hair dryer

But what can it actually do? I tested Dyson over a year ago and want to give you an insight into my experiences here. Is luxury hair dryer worth the money?

First impression

Compared to my old hairdryer, the Dyson hairdryer fits comfortably in my hand and is much lighter. The stylus can be easily attached by magnets and holds very well, gigantic design – simple, stylish, sexy! The buttons are clear and easy to operate

The advantages and disadvantages of Dyson hair dryers

+ Arm less tired by light weight

+ Dry hair faster than previous hair dryer

+ Very shiny results.

+ Frizz is not a problem after using Dyson hair dryer

+ Dry your hair with this design

Clear: price! If you want to own a luxury device, you have to dig into your wallet.

My pretty hair is really dry. A few of my friends also tried Dyson hair dryers. Only with very thick, very long hair, it is not faster than a classic hair dryer. For all other hair types, we can tell a difference.

Conclusion: Is Dyson hair dryer worth the money?

For me it was so good! Not because I was allowed to try a hair dryer. But because I love the luxury of everyday life. I think our daily life is often difficult and dry enough, so I like to enjoy the beauty things for me every day. Dyson compact, fashionable, luxurious, fast and easy is a favorite device. High price, very clear. But for a device that I use several years to several times a week, that amount is worth it.

Men’s advice: I tested the Dyson hair dryer for the first time before Christmas last year. Some men from my group of friends later gave their girlfriends a Dyson hair dryer and the fun was awesome! So dear men: Christmas or Valentine’s day – this hair dryer is the ultimate gift for the woman.

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