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It flooded our Instafeed, is now mandatory at every scene barber and similar to the Aesop soap a must in every bathroom, which should be considered a status symbol. We are talking about the Dyson Supersonic, the hairdryer which supposes to revolutionize the most annoying task of hair drying out of the beauty routine.

The British technology company Dyson has invested a whopping 71 million dollar in product development, which in turn could explain the high price of 400 $.

The fact is that the Supersonic makes curious. Especially if, like me, every morning spent half an hour blow-drying his hair, which then fly through the air to thank you even untamed. According to the provider, I could not only save time but also improve my hair structure. Because the Supersonic is to blow through its powerful digital engine three times more air than usual, have an inaudible frequency in the fan and protect the hair at the same time from extreme heat damage. I am curious and test two weeks, whether the hairdryer really holds what he promises.

The Dyson Supersonic in the test

The mood rises in the morning

Yes it’s right! The handy Dyson Hair Dryer is not only easier to hold in the hand than conventional hairdryers, but it is also much quieter in the application. What translate for me means that my friend is no longer aroused by a loud fan and I may be less aggressive awake. Because yes, as a long-haired woman who tends to the greasy scalp, the morning hair washing and the associated blow-drying unfortunately don’t pare me.

The alarm clock allows snoozing more often

From the half-hour hairdryer routine, easy could be shortened 10-12 minutes to dry my hair completely dry. That gives me twice more snooze or just finally time for breakfast.

My hair gets compliments

Although I attach great importance to my hair care, so far no conditioner or hair oil could achieve the effect that the hairdryer promised from the beginning. Friends suddenly notice my shiny hair and I also notice how the hair structure improves and becomes grippier.

Turn one into three

The Supersonic comes not only with one, but with three essays, therefore, allowing me to not only dry my hair but at the same time to style it. Because in addition to the usual essay, three more essays deliveries, which insert by a magnet to the Föhnkörper.

The smoothing nozzle ensures a gentle and hair-saving airflow, the styling nozzle with its precise air-jet simplifies styling of the hair with a round brush, for example, and the diffuser is specially designed for drying curls, but that does not concern me. I have not used my straightener ever since.

Lightness is the new luxury

As already mentioned, the hairdryer is much lighter than conventional models. This is not only practical in daily use (Hello, tendonitis!), But also saves space for the suitcase and the next trip. Because I’m actually one of the candidates who goes nowhere without her hair dryer.

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